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by Dominique Morriseau

Show Dates

Feb 23rd - 25th, March 1st - 3rd

Farish Theatre in Lexington, KSU in Frankfort

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SYNOPSIS ~ Nya, an inner-city public high school teacher, is committed to her students but desperate to give her only son Omari opportunities they’ll never have. She is a mother who fights tooth and nail to save her son from the “school-to-prison pipeline” that stalks black students in America’s public schools. When a controversial incident at his upstate private school threatens to get him expelled, Nya must confront his rage and her own choices as a parent. But will she be able to reach him before a world beyond her control pulls him away?

With profound compassion and lyricism, playwright Dominique Morisseau brings an urgent conversation powerfully to the fore. In Pipeline, Morisseau pens a deeply moving story of a mother’s fight to give her son a future — without turning her back on the community that made him who he is. "Pipeline is an emotionally harrowing, ethically ambiguous drama that raises barbed questions about class, race, parental duty, and the state of American education." - Variety

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